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Taking Advantage of Mason’s Recreational Resources

January 29, 2016

By Kate Shaw

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start taking advantage of the health and fitness opportunities at Mason. According to Mason’s Student Health Services, the benefits of being active are numerous, including improved heart, muscle, and lung health, stress reduction, and increased muscle strength. If becoming more active is a resolution of yours, a great thing about being a Mason graduate student is that we have a number of resources, facilities, and activities available to us to get some exercise in a variety of fun ways!

The use of Mason’s Fairfax recreational facilities is free for all full-time master’s and doctoral students. Part-time master’s, doctoral, and …

Starting Graduate School After Years of Working

January 21, 2016

By Kelly Pedersen

Students who have been working in the real world for a few years may be nervous about re-entering an academic setting. You may feel that you are too old to go back to school or fear that you will encounter issues that you never had to experience as an undergrad. The decision to return to school is never easy, especially if you have been out of the classroom for years.

Mason has more than 10,000 graduate students in over 100 programs across 3 campuses and our students vary widely in age. In fact, the average student in the MBA program is 39 years old. So, there is …