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Enjoying the Benefits of Tuition

October 26, 2017

Andrew J Quillen

Besides all of your classes and a pretty piece of paper on graduation day, what do your tuition and fees actually get you at Mason? This is a question we have all asked, particularly when paying our student bill. Although the number on your bill may come as a bit of a shock, make sure you are considering of all the amenities, services, and activities that Mason has to offer. This post offers a small collection of thoughts, which will hopefully help you more fully appreciate and take advantage of the many benefits that come with paying your Mason bill.

Health Benefits

Gyms Galore!

Mason Recreation has …

My Cohort, My Community

October 4, 2017

Austin A. Deray

When moving to Northern Virginia, I was worried about leaving my family and friends in Georgia, my chosen community. However, when I got to Mason, thanks to my program and my work unit, I found my new tribes through the institution and a culture of cohorts[i].

A cohort was originally defined by Merino et al. “as a group of students who begin a program of study together, share the same sequence of classes, faculty members, and instructional activities toward completion of a specific degree or certification,” but “has expanded to include the development of collaborative projects, self-directed goals, and a network of academic and social support.”[ii]

For …