Academic Policies

The University Catalog contains academic policies pertaining to graduate  students and their education at Mason. These policies include information on student classification and status, academic advising, academic standing and degree requirements.

Academic Actions and Appeals of Academic Procedures

All requests for academic actions, such as special permissions or exceptions to published academic regulations, must be submitted to the head of the unit in which the student’s program is housed, for example, the department chair, institute  director, or school or college dean. Forms and instructions on how to initiate an academic action are available in the academic unit and on the unit’s web site.

Students have the right to appeal decisions regarding requests for academic actions. The appeals process begins in the academic unit. Each college, school, and institute at Mason has a written statement of that unit’s appeal process on file in the dean or director’s office. Students who feel the appeals process was conducted unfairly by a college or school may appeal to the Provost’s Office. All appeals must be in writing, and they must demonstrate that the student has exhausted all options within the academic unit. Graduate students initiate appeals of unit decisions with the Associate Provost for Graduate Education. The Provost’s Office does not consider grade appeals .

Academic Integrity

The mission of George Mason University’s Office for Academic Integrity (OAI) is to promote and support academic integrity throughout the university community by educating its members, fostering an environment where students can be recognized for high levels of integrity, creating opportunities for leadership and personal growth, and upholding the university honor code through a student based honor committee.