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Mason Grad Recommended List of Stress Reliever Activities

December 5, 2018

By Sophie Gorshenin

Grab your scantrons, don’t forget to stock up on blue books, and make sure your laptop is fully charged because finals week is right around the corner! We can all see the light at the end of the tunnel as we finish reading our last chapters, complete our final presentations, and type those last sentences for our final papers. Even though we are close to finishing out the semester strong, our time is starting to become extremely limited as we juggle school and life, and finalize all of our plans for winter break. As we balance everything going on in our lives it is hard not to feel stressed. You cannot make all of your responsibilities go away and the stress it brings by avoiding it. However, there are things that can help alleviate the stress and help remind yourself that self-care must be your top priority. To help you succeed and finish strong this semester, here is our list of recommended stress reliever activities.

  1. Clear your mind by exercising!

Go for a walk and listen to your favorite podcast. Plug in your headphones and jam and dance your heart out to your favorite playlist. Try a group fitness class and explore Mason Recreation’s group fitness opportunities. Just getting moving will help clear your mind and leave you feeling empowered and recharged!

  1. Treat yourself to a yummy snack!

Forget to bring your favorite snack to your study session? No worries! Arlington Destress Days will be from December 9th through the 12th on the Arlington Campus. Watch for relaxation stations where plenty of free snacks will be! Visit Van Metre Hall, Room 222 December 9th through 12th for free snacks, adult coloring pages, and meditative music for a space to hang-out and destress!

Join Graduate Student Life at Fenwick Library for Grad Night In on December 6th! Join the monthly collaborative study session just for graduate students. Free snacks and coffee will be provided!

  1. Seek help anytime with TAO!

TAO is a confidential online platform that offers free access to private online self-help for depression, stress, and anxiety that fits around your busy life anytime, anywhere! If you are feeling overwhelmed Counseling and Psychological Services is a service that is available for all George Mason students.

  1. Visit the Writing Center!

Need some peer review advice for your final paper? No problem! The Writing Center is a resource available to you to help you write from the beginning all the way to the final phases of your final draft. Insider tip: The Writing Center provides a quiet space to write, read, study, and think! Click here to learn about their hours and locations for all campuses.

  1. Remember it is okay to take a break!

Treat yourself and watch that episode on Netflix, you deserve it! Read a chapter of your favorite novel, you deserve that break! Or even catch up on other Mason Grad Insider blog posts like “Grads Give Yourself Permission to Nap” to help assure yourself that you deserve that nap!

Sydney and I would like to wish everyone good luck on their upcoming finals! Remember that you got this and if you would like to learn more about all events happening on campus before finals make sure to use Mason360 to learn about more de-stress events!



This blog post has been edited and updated to reflect current changes in information.

Edited by Sydney Glass, 12/04/2019

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